Oshakati Totem Expo receives financial boost

27 Apr 2015 07:00am
OSHAKATI, 26 APR (NAMPA) – About N.dollars 1.6 million was raised during the Oshakati Totem Expo gala dinner held at the town on Saturday, with founding President Dr Sam Nujoma contributing N.dollars 5 000 on his family’s behalf.
The funds will be used for the hosting of the expo.
BH Spares and Ezzy Import and Export, a joint venture between business persons Ben Hauwanga and Diamond Kamrudin Bhanji, contributed the highest amount of N.dollars 150 000 to the 2015 expo fund.
Fysal Fresh Produce and Kambwa Trading pledged N.dollars 125 000 and N.dollars 110 000 respectively.
The organising committee of the expo handed over a platinum award to the joint venture for its contribution, while Fysal Fresh Produce and Kambwa Trading received gold and silver awards respectively as tokens of appreciation for their contributions.
This is the fourth time the Oshakati Town Council hosts the Totem Expo since its inception in 2012.
Nujoma was the main speaker at the gala dinner, and he described the Totem Expo as a unique cultural heritage concept which aims to trace clans’ identities and strengthen the ties among various Namibian cultural settings.
“The concept of totems creates a sense of unity, cultural linkage and pride amongst our people as they embrace their cultural values through common totems,” he said.
Nujoma went on to say the Oshakati Totem Expo also represents a bold step by the town council in its spearheading of development at the town, as well as enhancing its corporate identity by attracting investors and marketing the town as an ideal investment centre and tourist destination.
Oshakati Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Werner Iita told the gala dinner the expo is scheduled to take place at the town’s Independence Stadium from 29 May until 06 June.
It will be hosted under the theme ‘Strengthening ties through culture’.