BBA Update: Pokello and Bassey Evicted

July 22, 2013, 3:27 am

When Dillish is up for possible eviction I get worried but I trust that she will be saved. But this week for the first time ever since The Chase started, I had doubts about our girl. Dillish was up against ''queen of swag'' Pokello, sweet and warmhearted Bassey, Annabel and “milli vanilli” Angelo.  All these housemates are strong characters, they all stand out as individuals and it was hard for me to pick the weakest link. And this is why I thought Dillish will be out.

As always the day started off slow with housemates recovering from the massive partying they did the night before, whilst some cleaned others packed their bags. Big brother had the diary sessions with the housemates up for possible nominations. Dillish rated her chances of possibly being evicted an OK 50% because she is up against strong contenders. Dillish also thanked Africa for keeping her in the house and if it is time for her to go then so be it. Pokello was asked how the experience in the house was for her if it were to be her last diary session. She said is humbled because she has a lot of negative things said about her by the media and for her to be saved 3 times in a row humbled her a lot.

The live shows had the performance from Botswana A.T.I. I was not impressed with the performance this time around. The recently evicted housemates Natasha and Sellys highlights after the big brother house was shown, Natasha looking good and being herself, and Selly on a promoting tip of the famous “Azonto” dance.  Selly also advices Africa to not judge housemates because it is not easy being in the Big Brother house. Ik as usual asked heads of house to mention who they saved and replace and the one housemate that got my attention was fake housemate Eveva. Her reaction of her fake swap cracked me up. Thou I do feel it came off fake but it was a rather funny reaction.

Bassey was first to be evicted. He seemed calm as if he knew he would be evicted. He looked like the model and actor he is very stylish with the new hair color and all. Bassey well exposed answered Iks questions, to be specific the relationship of him and Beverly, but Bassey explained that she is his sister and he gets worried when she had one too many to drink. Pokello was second to leave the house, she looked dissapointed, upset and in denial. She did not expect to be evicted. Without uttering a word Pokello hugged her fellow housemates goodbye and gave a good long squeeze to Elikem. That poor guy looked destroyed watching Pokello leave, I swear I saw a tear drop. During Pokellos interview she was trying to collect herself up until the point when IK showed her who voted for her. She understands that she is intimidating and felt that the others were intimidated by her because she is a strong and confident woman. And with no hard feelings she said “yes I can be cocky but hey, it is what it is”. Point well taken. That is who she is how she is and that is it.

Housemates were told that the emerald housemates are immune from being nominated for this week only because they need time to get to know each other. Nando being the only housemate that is not taken by the idea of emerald house he looked very suspicious when IK announced that. Let us not forget to keep supporting our big brother representative Dillish.

This is how Africa voted.

Angola, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Rest of Africa  (5) = Angelo.

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda (3) = Annabel

Ethiopia, Malawi and Namibia (3) = Dillish.

Ghana and Zimbabwe (2) = Pokello

Sierra Leon and Nigeria (2) = Bassey