Green building council convention day 3 presentations

April 23, 2015, 2:00pm

Green building council of Namibia convention day 3 presentations

Click on the link to view presentations:

  1. Presenter: Markus von Jeney-  ECN as Vehicle for Professionalism towards a Green Namibia
  2. Presenter: Catherine Mwanga- Water as an Integral part of Green Building -Community Engagement, Space making and Embracing Social inclusion
  3. Presenter: Daniela Merkenich- Living spaces of the future: Sustainable design
  4. Presenter: James Arm- Kavango Block Brick Reduced Waste Using Innovative Building Techology
  5. Presenter: Carina Muller- Energy Audits and Benchmarks in Namibia
  6. Frederick Muketi- Green Building Initiatives: Initiating 2015

  7. Presenter: Elizabeth Wangeci Chege: Green Building Movement Kenya