Late coming haunts mines ministry

23 Apr 2015 11:20am
SWAKOPMUND, 23 APR (NAMPA) – The Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Kahijoro Kahuure said the ministry is worried by his staff showing up late for work.
He said the situation is worsened by those who go absent from work with no valid reasons.
Speaking at the ministry’s annual planning conference in Swakopmund on Tuesday, Kahuure said this shameful practice is not only a concern to him, but also worried former mines and energy minister, Isak katali.
“The former minister even put up a notice on the board that reminded people not to come late. This late coming is a big shame, it must stop now,” he said.
Kahuure said some staff, especially senior members of the staff stay away from work without leave.
“I think I will start locking the gates after 08h00, so that I know who is late and for what reason. This is perhaps the only way we can hold you accountable and also report to the minister,” said the PS.
According to him, the staff register will also be employed to indicate when a staff member reports for duty but is not in his office for a whole day.
“Declaring that you are in the office when you are actually somewhere doing your private work could be corruption,' the PS noted.
Kahuure said another burning issue is the lack of proper communication between management and junior staff as they work in isolation.
He says it is strange how some staff does not even know their supervisors, when these are people they are supposed to report to on a daily basis.
“Some directors and heads of departments can go for even two years without meeting their staff on a formal gathering. How do you report to me and the minister about people that you never met?” he asked.
He added that sometimes when he asks employees about what they have been working on for the week, they do often not have answers.
“A person would go to a file before they answer. You are suppose to know what is in your work schedule without referring to a file. You refer to a file simply because you did nothing or you are not committed,” said the PS.
Kahuure warned that the days of habitual late coming, absenteeism and lack of commitment to work are gone, as this is the new Government and things has changed.
The two-day meeting was held to review the ministry’s strategic plan and discuss matters affecting the institution.
Approximately 200 staff from Ministry of Mines and Energy offices in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Lüderitz attended the conference.