Let Geingob rule without insecurities

April 22, 2015, 7:40am

Over the weekend former President Hifikepunye Pohamba announced that he is officially letting go of his political career to take a long rest after serving both his party and country for a very long time.
Upon the announcement going public different schools of thought aired their views with some saying it was too early for Pohamba to let go, others believe he is letting go because he wants to create leeway to start receiving his money from the Mo Ibrahim while others believe this he has done the best a transitional leader can do to make way for progress.
The former President though believes he is taking a rest and wants to leave political life to make way for his successor to take over full control of the party and the country. Perhaps it is important to note that Pohamba’s transition mechanisms are next to none.
He has genuinely shown that he has served his part and wants to see his successor taking over completely and drive his mechanism forward without infringements. Leaders like Pohamba who know when to say goodbye when the time comes are very rare to find in the continent and deserve special mention.
It is imperative to mention that it is important that Pohamba has given full confidence in Geingob and wants to see the country moving forward. Pohamba relinquishing state power and keeping party power would have created a notion of leader who is not certain of what he wants to do. However him letting go is a clear sign that he has had his run, a good one for that matter, and wants to move on as an ordinary citizen.
It is also a clear picture that Pohamba wants Geingob to rule with control and also comfort of knowing that both the state apparatus and party apparatus are communicating to him and are able to dance to his tune. This will allow him to plan and be certain that whatever the plans the party has they are married to what he is planning at state level.
It is also even better that Geingob is now in a position where he will sing a song and both the party and state will sing along. Perhaps while it is important that those that see a challenge in the transition that Geingob and Pohamba have made also speak their mind in the name of democracy. However what is clear is that the transition has also created open platform for those in the party that want to climb the ladder in the next 90 days when a congress is planned position themselves for failure or success.
Pohamba has also shown beyond any reasonable doubt that he is a leader who takes a step forward and keeps walking without going back. He has shown that he is not willing to cling on to his past but rather embrace the future and live with it. This is a rare phenomenon not even in some neighbouring countries where leaders last forever and are just not keen to see the next generation take over.
He has also shown that there is always a sweet changeover of power in Namibia both at party level for Swapo and national level. This is something many in the continent need to emulate.
More importantly Geingob can now rule with a free reign and devoid of insecurities which only gives him the opportunity to drive his success master plan.