"Namibia is big enough for all": Geingob

21 Apr 2015 19:10pm
WINDHOEK, 21 APR (NAMPA) – President Hage Geingob said Namibia is big enough for all and no one should feel as if they do not belong here.
“We must pull together in the same direction. We are all sons and daughters of the soil. This land and the precious blood shed for it is what makes us Namibian, and not the colour of our skin or the languages we speak,” he said during his first State of the Nation Address in the National Assembly on Tuesday.
“When born in Namibia, you are a Namibian; if one of your parents is Namibian, you are Namibian. This is your birthright that nobody can take away from you,” said Geingob.
He then called on Namibians to stop trying to make people feel guilty for things that are not in their control.
“No one should be made to feel guilty or inadequate because he or she is white or black, old or young, from a minority group or majority group or living with disability,” said the president.
He also called on all citizens to respect women and children and to stop gender-based violence.
“Women are the bearers of life. They are an integral component of humanity and its future, and to violate the rights of women is to violate this whole nation's conscience,” said Geingob.
In addition, the Head of State said the key to victory in the war against poverty is unity and “pride in our country and our house”.
“Let us exude the spirit of the new Namibia - a spirit of peace, integrity, sacrifice, strength, passion, patriotism, love, togetherness and bravery,” he urged.
These, he said, are the characteristics that helped the country win the struggle for independence, and characteristics that will surely help Namibians win the second phase of the struggle: economic prosperity.
He also called upon all Namibians to hold hands to ensure that their 'house' does not disintegrate, in reference to Namibia.
“There will be problems from time to time but every time this happens, we should have the resilience to overcome and emerge stronger as a united nation,” Geingob stated.
The Namibian leader then called on all Namibians to embrace diversity and steer away from tribalism and other isms that can only detract them from achieving the common mission of developing the country.