Govt urged to give community police allowances

21 Jul 2013 09:00
OPUWO, 21 JUL (NAMPA) - The Chairperson of the Opuwo Town Council’s Management Committee, Rex Sheehama has called on Parliamentarians and the Ministry of Safety and Security to start providing incentives for members of community policing initiatives.
He made the call during the opening of the four-day training of members of the Women and Men Network, Neighbourhood Watch and Youth against Crime initiatives in Opuwo on Thursday.
“The members of the Women and Men Network has helped drop the crime rates in different towns including Opuwo, and it is through their self-dedication and commitment which needs to be appreciated,” said Sheehama.
He added that their hard work, sacrifice and commitment need to be rewarded in cash or kind.
“A special programme needs to be established to cater for these committed citizens who are ensuring our safety through their night patrols in order for them to feel appreciated and not succumb to the temptation of bribery,” he added.
The chairperson called on the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Deputy Regional Commander, Deputy Commissioner James Karungojo Nderura to take up his request with the higher authorities so that a solution can be found.
He encouraged the community policing members to take their training seriously and to make use of the knowledge they gain in the execution of their work.
Nderura, who was in agreement with Sheehama’s call, assured him that the request would be forwarded to the highest authority for attention.
He then went on to tell the members of the community policing initiatives that they are “as powerful as police officers” when it comes to preventing crime and attending to crime scenes.
Deputy Commissioner Nderura said he is aware of the fact that the groups are at times victimised by members of the community who resort to name calling in order to intimidate them, and who tell them they are wasting their time.
“The truth is that you are doing a great job and you should keep it up,” he told them.
The training covered subjects such as the Namibian Constitution, Criminal Procedure Act, crime prevention and customer service.
The Kunene Region currently has 800 members who are part of the community policing network at Opuwo, Khorixas, Sesfontein, Fransfontein, Anker, Erwee, and Kamanjab.
According to Nderura, this number increases “every day” since the network was established in December last year.
Training will also be provided to community police at six other locations in the region from 25 July to 07 August this year.