CORRECTION: Information minister urges all-inclusive approach to

17 Apr 2015 19:00pm
CORRECTION: ADD “on Friday at the Ministry’s Head Office” AND “(MICT)” IN THIRD PARA.

WINDHOEK, 17 APR (NAMPA) – Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Tjekero Tweya says media can destroy nations if it is not handled correctly.
“If it is handled correctly, it can create unity, build the nation and encourage citizens to commit hard work and productivity, while boosting their pride,” said Tweya.
The Minister of ICT was speaking at a meeting with the management members of the ministry and State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) falling under the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) on Friday at the Ministry’s Head Office.
The SOEs falling under the MICT's mandate include Telecom Namibia, NamPost, the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Namibia Press Agency (Nampa), New Era newspaper and the Namibia Film Commission, amongst others.
“We must give factual information so that we can educate citizens inclusively,” he said, adding that the SOEs also have to make ICT accessible.
The minister further stated that poverty is not only a lack of food and nutrition, but also a lack of knowledge and skills.
“Provide food in the form of accurate information and knowledge. Let us fight poverty by giving information so that people cannot suffer from ignorance,” he said.
He called on the media to wage a war against poverty by disseminating information to all Namibians without exclusion.
“Let us be inclusive in our dissemination of information. All Namibians should be included and be part of the team to fight the war against poverty,” he stated.
Tweya said Namibians are now enjoying peace and stability.
“But people do not eat peace and stability, people eat food. Let us, as the Ministry of Information, build a Namibian house of prosperity. In our reporting, we should encourage the citizens when their moods are down. Let us through our report make them feel hopeful again to fight the war against poverty,” he said.
The Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein, last month tabled Namibia’s 2015/16 National Budget under the theme of ‘No Namibian must be left out - Closing the gap’. In his statement, Schlettwein said the budget is aimed at tackling the structural challenges that affect the development potential of our economy, unlocking opportunities for jobs and wealth creation and improving the welfare of Namibians in an inclusive and sustainable manner.