Speech by the Mayor at the naming of the Magdalene Stoffels bridge

April 17, 2015, 1:37pm

Speech by the Mayor at the naming of the Magdalene Stoffels bridge

Good Morning!


Ladies and Gentlemen, before I deliver my speech, I would like to request all of us to raise for a minute of silence, in honour of the late Magdalena Stoffels, whose life was heartlessly cut short, during an episode that sent shockwaves throughout the country, on that fateful day.




May her soul rest in eternal peace!


Esteemed residents of the City of Windhoek, we are gathered here this morning, to pay tribute to one of the fallen Namibian girl child, whose life was, as I have just alluded to, insensitively cut short by the irresponsible and unforgivable murderers, who continue to torment our society to this day.

The Namibian nation, particularly the residents of Windhoek, struggled to come to term with the news of the death of our beloved daughter, our sister, our friend, and our schoolmate, the late Magdalena Stoffels, whose precious life was taken away from us on the morning hours of 27 July 2010. Up to now, we are trying to find condonable reasons as to why a human being could have done such a thing to another human being. It is deplorable, inhumane, and unjustifiable; hence we re-iterate our condemnation and animosity for these kinds of acts.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

In our quest to provide total safety and security to our residents who frequently traverse this rather notorious Arebbusch riverbed, the City Council decided to build a pedestrian bridge over this river. Although this bridge had cost the City Council in excess of N$ 20 million, we decided to approve it, as we believe no amount of money is valuable than the lives of our residents.


After the completion of the construction of the bridge, the City Council received a letter from David Bezuidenhout Secondary School, requesting Council to name the just completed bridge after their late grade 11 learner, Magdalena Stoffels. Without delay or any hesitation, Council decided to approve the request by David Bezuidenhout Secondary school, as we knew what this would mean to the school. It is, therefore, only correct for us to whole heartedly thank the Board, management and learners of David Bezuidenhout Secondary, for making sure that the history and legacy of our girl remains in the annals of our past, even when she is no longer physically with us.


In the same vein, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents of the late, without whose permission, we could not proceed with naming this pedestrian bridge after their late child.  It is therefore noteworthy to appreciate their willingness to allow us to name this bridge after our beloved girl.


Fellow residents,

I would like to assure you that the City Council is working around the clock, to find ways and means to intensify the fight against all evils in our society. Our law enforcement agency, the City Police, in collaboration with Nampol, are working tireless to ensure that our residents walk freely in any corner, at any time, without any fear, as it is provided for in our constitution.


As Council, we are not going to stop allocating necessary resources to our law enforcement agency, until we are satisfied with the level of safety and security of our residents.


In conclusion, I would like to say to the Ihuhua family, that it is our sincere hope that this gesture of naming this bridge after your lovely girl will go a long way in assisting you to preserve the legacy of your departed child. Our aim is not to open the wounds which were about to heal, but rather a genuine intention of, as I just said, helping the family preserve the history of our girl hero, whose life we intend to celebrate for as long as we live.