Young man promotes fitness in Arandis

14 Apr 2015 18:00pm
By Paulus Shiku
ARANDIS, 14 APR (NAMPA) – An entrepreneur who took over the Arandis Community Gymnasium is requesting equipment and financial support to ensure healthier lifestyles and fitness at the town.
Kavetutjimwe Muvangua, a former contract worker at the Rossing Uranium mine, decided to run the gym after his contract at the mine ended in 2013.
“I am sure there are people who have gym equipment that they are not using, so please give it to us,” he requested.
Such equipment includes treadmills and weights.
He told Nampa at the mining town on Monday that he took over the gym due to his love for health and registered it under the name Kavetu Arandis Community Gym. According to him, most of the Arandis community is not active enough to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent negative health conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol.
The gym is situated at the Arandis sports field.
“I am calling on private companies, local businesspeople and the community to support the only gym we have in Arandis. This is for our own health and productivity. When employees are not healthy and fit then there is no productivity, which is why I am here to promote fitness,” said Muvangua.
The facility was built by Rossing for employees and members of the community in 1982 and was handed over to the town council around 1992.
Muvangua, 31, is renting the facility from the town council.
“I noticed that equipment was getting lost as those who were in charge were not committed to running the gym. So, I approached the council and they allowed me to take over in July 2013,” he said.
The fitness enthusiast said that just like any other business, he is also facing challenges at the initial stages of establishing operations.
“I have to make a profit and maintain a standard while paying a monthly rent of N.dollars 1 300. It is tough right now, as I do not have enough support in terms of membership and equipment. Marketing the facility is also a challenge but I have been trying,” said Muvangua.
The businessperson is optimistic that as the town continues to develop, his dream of seeing a healthy Arandis community will come true.
“I want everyone in this town, especially young people, to be part of this gym because it also helps to keep them off the streets and out of trouble,” he said. Muvangua thinks that active young adults that participate in sport or go to the gym on a regular basis are less likely to resort to drugs or crime as a solution to or a distraction during difficult times.
The gym has 25 members at the moment - six are full-time members and the rest part-time.