DTA still consulting on rebranding party

13 Apr 2015 17:50pm
WINDHOEK, 13 APR (NAMPA) – DTA of Namibia secretary general (SG), Vincent Kanyetu, says his party is still consulting leaders, members and supporters of the party on the proposed plan to rebrand the party.
The Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA) envisions changing its name and party colours in the near future to ensure sustainability in the country's growing political arena.
To do this, it appointed a 15-member political commission to engage and consult the relevant stakeholders on rebranding the party; something that has not been welcomed by officials in the Kavango East and West regions.
The party's executive committee adopted, in principle, the rebranding of the party as a means to bring meaningful transformation and adopted a people-centred strategy for the broad-based consultative process.
“The DTA is a party that was started in the 70's and is still in the hearts and mind of people. It is difficult to tell some that you want to rebrand the political party because people are sometimes too fearful of change,” Kanyetu said about response from some of the regions the party visited.
He said this while speaking at a media conference held in Windhoek on Saturday.
He explained that young supporters are buying more into the idea than elders, who perhaps have been supporting the DTA since its formation in November 1977.
Kanyetu said the party is not rushing the process for now and is rather taking its time, adding that the majority of the people who were consulted thus far are in favour of the proposed plan.
“The moment we complete the consultation process with all regions and constituencies, we will make the outcome public and if the outcome is against the rebranding of the party, then we have to formulate another strategy,” he stated.
Kanyetu noted that the commission tasked with this exercise have completed consultation in three regions and is currently in the Kunene Region. He said he asked the commission to send in all reports, be it negative or positive, for the party’s officials to know what the people are saying.
Meanwhile the DTA's leadership in both the Kavango East and West regions have rejected, in the strongest terms, the proposed plan to rebrand the party.
The party’s coordinator for the Kavango West Region, Bonifatius Kashera, told this agency last week Thursday that they do not understand the rationale behind rebranding the party, adding that it is a waste of time and resources.
Kashera advised the party’s national leadership to reserve the resources allocated to the rebranding for campaigns during the upcoming Regional and Local Authority elections, slated for later this year.
The visibly disappointed Kashera said the DTA has failed to supply party promotional materials and resources such as transport to the regions and now wants to waste its meagre resources on rebranding.
“It is just a waste of money, they should instead use the proposed rebranding costs to campaign,” said Kashera.