Maamberua wants all colonial statues removed

08 Apr 2015 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 08 APR (NAMPA) – National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) president Usutuaije Maamberua wants all colonial statues removed from public spaces.
During the Notice of Questions session in Parliament on Wednesday, he said he wants to know from Government what programmes are in place to remove all colonial statues from public places.
Thursdays are usually Notice of Answers sessions in Parliament.
Maamberua said he will ask the Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa whether the government is not aware that in Windhoek, in front of the municipal offices, the statue of Curt von Francois was erected 'under the dubious distortion of history purporting him to be the founder of Windhoek'.
“Could it be possible that the man who arrived in Windhoek mid-October 1890 is regarded as the founder of Windhoek, while Jan Jonker Afrikaner had settled in Windhoek decades before that?” he questioned.
Maamberua also asked whether the minister is aware that the statue of Von Francois faces Berlin, indicating that it is “paying allegiance to the Kaizer”, and his military decoration called the iron cross is visible on his uniform.
He also questioned whether the government is aware that colonial statues of this nature represent the celebration of atrocities committed during colonial times and the upholding of white supremacy.
“Is the government not aware that Von Francois, being one of the Governors of German South West Africa, was responsible for, what I regard as phase one of the Herero-Nama genocide in Namibia? Would the minister therefore agree that the statue of Curt von Francois is an abomination?” he asked.
Is it not time that this statue and others representing colonial personalities of brutal and inhumane characters are removed before the end of this year, Maamberua further questioned.
He then acknowledged, with thanks, the removal of the Reiterdenkmal.
This statue was removed from its plinth in front of the Alte Feste Museum in Windhoek in 2013 and was replaced with the Genocide statue in 2014.