BBA Upadate: Housemates video chat with Emeralds

July 18, 2013, 9:36 am
The fake housemates are slowly being introduced to the housemates and the housemates are starting to be convinced that the Emerald mates are real and they are part of the game. Elikem and Annabel got the chance to video chat with the Emeralds. My worry is are the Emerald housemates well prepared for the questions that will be posed to them because the housemates are not entirely convinced about them, most especially Oneal.
Elikem got to chat to Emerald Alusa from Kenya and the first thing that Elikem noticed was that Alusa too had a yellow wig on. Elikem explained that he does not know of the Emeralds existence and to his surprise Alusa said that the Emeralds know about the ruby and diamond house because in their house they get to watch them on screen once in a while. Elikem got into the conversation when Alusa mentioned that his fellow Ghanaian “Melissa” was evicted from Emerald house. The two gentleman discussed about the party and eviction and that he and Pokello were up for eviction. Alusa didn’t hesitate to mention how hot Pokello is which made Elikem a little uncomfortable but said he will deliver the message to her. Like all men these two connected well when discussing the ladies in their respective houses. Elikem found out that Emeralds have their Airtel showdowns in their yard and not the arena like the diamond and ruby house and that they usually party in their yard and not at the party place where they met over the weekend. Just when the Elikem was explaining how he and his fellow housemates were puzzled about Emerald house and its existence Big Brother interrupted the chat and called it time.
Annabel chats with Busi from South Africa at first Annabel could not tell who it was because Busi was in her long beard woman costume, but after she pulled beard down a little bit Annabel recognized her from the party as the girl with the afro. Annabel seemed tense whilst chatting as they spoke at the same time trying to make sense of the game and existence of Emerald house. Just like Elikem and Alusa they spoke about the arena games and the partying. Busi also mentioned to Annabel that they get a chance to watch the Diamond and Ruby house from their house. Busi almost blew her cover when she asked about the good looking Elikem by description and when Annabel mentioned Oneal she quickly dismissed her and said Elikem. The Emeralds better be careful because with goons like Oneal and Nando, I doubt they will fall for this trick.
Emeralds are giving the show a little bit taste and it is interesting, don’t forget that the diamond and ruby house will be merged on Saturday and one of the days the Emeralds will also join the housemates.