OvaMbanderu rift deepens

18 Jul 2013 08:10
By Charles Tjatindi
GOBABIS, 18 JUL (NAMPA) ? An attempt at ending a bitter rivalry within the OvaMbanderu community has once again fallen flat, with the once closely-knit community emerging even more divided.
A meeting which was billed as a unification platform for the members of the opposing factions, had to be called off at the 11th hour after leaders representing both factions failed to reach consensus on some aspects pertaining to the meeting.
The meeting, which was supposed to take place this Saturday in the Omaheke Region?s Otjombinde Constituency, was the brainchild of OvaMbanderu Acting Chief Gerson Katjirua.
Katjirua told Nampa on Thursday that he initiated the meeting to allow members of both factions to plead for forgiveness from each other and move on together in the spirit of the national policy on reconciliation.
?If Namibians could forgive the South African regime for its wrong doings here, then we surely can forgive each other as members of the OvaMbanderu community,? he said.
Katjirua leads the group that rallies behind Deputy Minister of Works and Transport Kilus Nguvauva?s claim to legitimacy as heir to his father, Chief Munjuku II Nguvauva?s throne.
Chief Katjirua said he decided to call a meeting in Otjombinde, a traditional stronghold of the opposing faction, in his bid to ask for forgiveness from his fellow OvaMbanderu and extend a hand of friendship.
The idea to hold the meeting however did not find favour amongst the OvaMbanderu under the leadership of Chief Aletha Nguvauva, as they claimed that Katjirua has no authority to call such a meeting.
According to Senior Councillor of the OvaMbanderu, Erastus Kahuure, Katjirua defied set standards and norms by openly calling for a meeting without involving the opposing faction?s leaders in the planning and organisation of such platform.
?We have leaders through which information should be channeled. One person in his own right cannot just stand up and declare a meeting of the entire community without consulting the leaders?, Kahuure said.
Kahuure noted that while the idea for a unification platform for the two factions could be genuine and worth supporting, the agenda during such a meeting was also not clear.
?Katjirua wants us to meet to shake hands and forgive each other, but according to him this should be done without stating the reasons behind the division. I do not see how we can have a such a meeting without reflecting on what it is we want to do away with ? what is it that we are forgiving each other for?? Kahuure said.
Katjirua, on the other hand, said going back into the past will not be in the interest of reconciliation.
?I made it very clear that all I want is for us to forgive each other so that peace can prevail within the OvaMbanderu community. We do not want to start a game of blame and finger-pointing at all,? he said.
Nampa learnt that further disagreements between the two factions on the set meeting was caused by the fact that Katjirua wanted to address the whole community, while the other camp felt it was better if the matter was handled at leadership level only.
Many community members from both factions are also of the opinion that it is still too early to call for unity between the warring factions, given the history between them.
Katjirua has in the meantime confirmed to this news agency that he will not relent in his quest for unity and peace between the two factions.
?My meeting in Otjombinde might not be going ahead this weekend as initially planned, but we will still have a meeting there. I am considering going to Otjombinde at the end of this month (July) to have that meeting,? he said.