Oukwanyama leadership dispute continues at Oshikunde

02 Apr 2015 12:10pm
OHAKAFIYA, 02 APR (NAMPA) – Some community members of the Oshikunde district of Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OTA) in the Ohangwena Region, on Tuesday publicly rejected the appointment of Toivo Shiweda as their district’s senior headman.
The group expressed its concerns by staging a protest at Ohakafiya Community Centre when Queen Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu of OTA and some of her senior traditional councillors visited the centre to officially announce Shiweda’s appointment. The meeting was held under a heavy guard by members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol).
Although the group has claimed to respect yaNelumbu as OTA leader, it backtracked by turning unruly and started shouting when the Queen stood up to inform those present that her visit to Ohakafiya was to urge the Oshikunde community to live peacefully under Shiweda’s leadership.
“We don’t want him,” shouted the group that was led by Haitange Shikongo, Werner Nghifikwa, Moses Ndiilenga, Ndemudina Nghifikepunye and Wilbard Nambahu.
The district was known as just Ohakafiya before the OTA leadership in 2013 divided it into two districts: Oshikunde and Eenhana.
This followed the death of the Ohakafiya district senior headman Job Haihambo in 2012. Queen yaNelumbu then appointed senior headmen, Shiweda for the Oshikunde district and Efraim Weyulu for the Eenhana district.
The OTA leadership charged that Ohakafiya district was too big to be headed by one senior headman and, as such, it was divided into two districts to ease the delivery of services.
“We also condemn the decision to divide Ohakafiya into two districts and we at the same time demand an election for us to vote for a legitimate senior headman of our district,” the protesting group of Ohakafiya community members shouted without giving a reason for its demands.
The group walked out of the meeting to continue with its protest after yaNelumbu’s delegation indicated that the appointment of Shiweda and Weyulu was a done deal.
In its song during a march down the street, the group labelled the OTA leadership as a group of autocrats who are determined to suppress the Ohakafiya community in the same manner the colonial regime imposed leaders on Namibian people.
The Queen’s delegation also announced during the meeting that the late Haihambo’s widow, Loide Isak, has been appointed to succeed her late husband as the headwoman of Ohakafiya village.