July 18, 2013, 7:38 am

All these sorrys will not amount to the pain that I have caused you but at least it’s a way of me reaching out to you and accept the sad truth.

I am sorry that you fell for me and I didn’t catch you when u fell in my arms, instead I let you slip through them.

I am sorry that you found in me the person you were looking for to build something but to me you were not that person.

I am sorry that I ignored some of your calls and texts just because you were starting to irritate the hell out of me.

I am sorry that I did not love you back like you thought I would, I told you I was damaged and I don’t know what it would take for me to be fixed again.

I am sorry because I asked for time to be left alone and heal the previous wounds but you wouldn’t allow me.

I am sorry that I was so perfect to and yet you were imperfect to me and had all this little details that I didn’t like and yet you couldn’t change them.

I am sorry that you came at the wrong time just as I was starting to pick myself up and remove all the dust from my knees and shoulders.

I am sorry that I wanted to really try but you were not patient enough and that chased you away.

I can never begin to describe how sorry I am because I truly am, for giving you false hopes but I was always honest with you from the beginning. This is the sad truth of life. We get hurt, disappointed and we somehow manage to move on even though it’s never easy. We learn to forgive but sadly we never forget, the scars will always be there.

I am sorry that I didn’t let nor allow myself to ever feel anything for you. I am sorry.

By Josie Nelao Sheyadiva