My heart

July 18, 2013, 7:35 am

Pain, sadness, disappointment, hurt, all this I felt in an instant, within a heartbeat, I felt all of this and only one organ in my body felt all these, and that was my heart. My heart could take all of this at once and stil it was functioning.

Ripping it out seemed like the only option I was left with, but that was not possible, taking pain killers maybe to ease the pain, but then again that was no option because once the heart hurts, nothing can heal it but rather give it time to heal and go back to its normal way of feeling.

My heart has taken pain that I thought it wasn’t possible to feel, pain that made you feel like it was the end of feeling anything else in the world, pain that one can’t explain and most of all, pain that you wouldn’t wish upon anyone. My heart if I may say is the strongest organ I have for it has made me a stronger person and made me feel love and hurt at the same time, I feel hate and love at the same time, my heart knows all these cause it feels it and.

The recent pain I went through just a month ago was the worse of them all as I thought I was suffocating and didn’t want to feel anything at all, the pain of the heart which is only felt when you really cared and loved someone which you think you didn’t till that person walked away from your life, only then I got to realize that my heart really had this person to heart.

Now I refuse to let my heart feel again, all because I don’t want to put it through pain and sadness anymore for it is now in a better place and that’s where it ought to be, My heart.


By Josie Nelao Sheyadiva