BBA Update: The Circus is in the ''house''

July 18, 2013, 6:26 am

I am sure most of you are wondering why Sulu is ever in the clown suit and why Feza looks like a maid from the 80's and why most housemates are dressed up in all these interesting costumes? Well, Big Brother gave the housemates the task of the week. The housemates have been tasked to turn the Big Brother House into a circus. They will perform juggling, magic tricks, hoola hooping and so on. Every housemate picked a character amongst of which Sulu chose to be the clown, Bassey is the ring master and Dillish is the bearded lady.

 The housemates were ecstatic about this colorful task but it was not long when the Diamond inmates received a warning for not following the rules of the task. Big Brother expects housemates to start with their task immediately. Bassey was on top of his game as he geared up in his costume whilst the rest remained in casual which lead to them being summoned to the living room. All the Diamond inmates didn’t know what was to come until Big Brother explained that he expects the housemates to start their task as soon as they receive task brief and warned them that lack of participation will result in loss of their wager. Bassey added by saying that he told the housemates and they did not want to listen. Immediately housemates got into character and started preparing for their task.

 Today we get to see the Big Brother circus come to live in the 2 houses, with both housemates wagered 100%. Will they win their wager or do you think they are too ambitious? Only time will tell.