Geingob calls for teamwork in Cabinet

31 Mar 2015 11:40am
WINDHOEK, 31 MAR (NAMPA)- President Hage Geingob has called on Cabinet members to strive for teamwork as they carry out their daily duties to achieve their goals.
The President made this remark here on Tuesday during his first Cabinet meeting with ministers and their deputies saying, teamwork is essential to success.
He said individual and collective responsibility requires that each member of Cabinet fulfil his or her duties, functions and obligations.
“It is therefore crucial that we work together and form a dedicated unit, built on the principles of commitment and professionalism,” he said.
Geingob said many cabinet members have the potential to become part of the leadership legacy of Namibia's future but their hard work should begin in Cabinet.
“You are here based on merit, not luck, so carry yourselves with pride, loyalty and a collective spirit as we open a new chapter in our nation’s history,” said Geingob.
Highlighting the importance of effective internal communication, Geingob said that as for deputy ministers, their function is to assist their superiors in the running of their ministries on a day-to-day basis, stressing that the deputies should therefore be fully briefed by their permanent secretaries about the activities of their ministries.
“It is also crucial that ministers and deputy ministers know what is expected of them and should have a work plan and vision,” he said.
Meanwhile, President Geingob said he was puzzled to read in a daily newspaper on Friday last week that some deputy ministers claim they have become models that just come to read newspapers throughout the day, because they have nothing else to do.
He said such individuals should resign if they are uncomfortable.
“We have a collective responsibility to handle matters of Government through the relevant structures and ministers should not run to the media as soon as there is a hint of difficulty or disagreement,” he said.
The recently inaugurated President noted that as stipulated in the Cabinet Handbook, ministers are invited to consult him, or the Prime Minister in case there is any doubt on any of the basic policy issues.
“So if there are ministers who disagree with these guidelines or have doubts about their role, it is best for such individuals to do the honourable thing and resign. I will even help them resign,” he stated.