KHP Municipality's temporary workers want fixed jobs

18 Jul 2013 05:20
KEETMANSHOOP, 18 JUL (NAMPA) ? Some workers at the Keetmanshoop Municipality say they are tired of working in temporary capacities, and want permanent employment at this institution.
?We want permanent employment. They are just exploiting us now instead of creating employment and empowering people, like they claim to do.
We also want to have benefits such as Social Security and medical aid,? one of the workers told Nampa on condition of anonymity on Thursday.
Since 2010, the municipality has been employing about 20 people to assist in the parks? as well as technical and health departments every two weeks.
After two weeks, some workers? contracts are renewed, and others not. But in the meantime, new people are brought in to do similar work over a similar period, and so the process continues.
?Other local authorities have stopped that system of casual workers, and gave permanent positions to people who are qualified or have experience. They know there is a staff shortage in this municipality, but they just do not want to fill positions,? another man charged.
The municipality?s Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hermanus Losper responded that the workers must be patient, because Council is busy trying to fill 21 vacant positions.
He said 17 of the 21 positions have already been advertised, and the Human Resources? Department has shortlisted candidates for interviews.
?Even the Regional and Local Government Ministry is worried about our situation, and they instructed us to get permanent employees,? Losper noted.
The acting CEO, however, said there is no guarantee that all those who have been assisting on contracts will be given permanent employment because some of them might not qualify for the positions.
?Those who qualify and do well in the interviews will be employed. The rest have to try again when vacancies occur in future,? Losper clarified.