Coastal community warned against scams

18 Jul 2013 05:00

A recent instance saw fraudsters luring people in Walvis Bay to pay an amount of more than N$2 000 in order to secure erven, an that has since been detected as fraudulent, the Walvis Bay Municipality warned today.
The municipality warn its residents at the town about criminals posing as municipal agents and not to fall for their scams.
A statement by issued by the municipality states that the issue has been brought to the local authority’s attention that a number of people had received text messages, letters on a municipal letterhead and emails to this effect.
“The public should note that such claims are bogus and these individuals do not represent the municipality or Council.
The public further is advised to avoid these scam artists and to rather contact the municipality directly to confirm any such claims, the statement reads”.
It also urges those who have received these text messages or letters not to forward such messages to other people and also those who believe they may have fallen victim to this fraudulent activity, to file a complaint with the Namibian Police.
To avoid being a victim, the municipality requests the public to keep the following in mind: The Municipality makes important announcements through the media by way of notices or media releases or the municipal bulk sms system, in which case the message will reach the public from 064 201 3381 and not personal mobile numbers.
Any kind of payments due to the Municipality are done at the municipal offices at the cashier halls, or through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
Receipts are issued by municipal cashiers and the municipality's switchboard number is (064) 201 3111.