Otjikoto acquires three mining excavators

17 Jul 2013 09:00


Otjikoto Gold Mine which recently started constructing the second mine in the country has bought three mine excavators.

This comes after the B2Gold Mine started intensified efforts to start operations after successfully listing on the Namibia Stock Exchange a few months ago.

The acquisition means the company now owns three of the 80 excavators being used in the rest of the Sadc Region.

B2Gold Corporation’s Otjikoto gold project has since commissioned the hydraulic machines to heighten production.

The 120 machines have a bucket capacity of 6.3 m³ (8.2 yd³) and power ratings up to 504 kW (675 HP) which lead to 550kN maximum breakout forces.

 Exploration has shown that Otjikoto Gold Mine can produce approximately 100 000 ounces of gold annually with a potential 10-year mine life once in production.
Planning for the construction of the new mine began concurrently with the completion of a feasibility study.

The gold mine will commence production in late 2014.