Alleged Rundu witchdoctor finally evicted

25 Mar 2015 15:40pm
SATOTWA, 25 MAR (NAMPA) - An elderly resident of the Satotwa informal settlement on the western outskirts of Rundu who previously defied orders to vacate, finally relocated to another area over the past weekend.
Issued by Mbunza Traditional Authority Chief Alfons Kaundu on 21 February, the eviction letter instructed the 60-year-old woman to immediately vacate the area and relocate back to where she comes from. She had been living at Satotwa since last year.
The woman was instructed to leave because of allegations that she practices witchcraft. She denied all accusations levelled against her, saying she only prays for the sick and denied using traditional herbs to cure people. The elderly citizen earlier indicated that she would not leave the area, as she apparently had nowhere else to go.
One member of a seven-member committee that was selected by the Satotwa residents early last month told Nampa on Wednesday that the woman finally dismantled her shack on Sunday.
The source, who refused to be named out of fear of victimisation by the evicted person, said family members of the woman assisted her in transporting her belongings.
It has not yet been established what prompted her to succumb to the pressure of relocating, as she could not speak to this agency when contacted for comment.
Following defiance of previous eviction orders, the woman was about to be summoned to the Mbunza Traditional Authority to explain her side of the story and what was hindering her from vacating the area.
The Satotwa residents committee last month convened a meeting and drafted a letter to the traditional authority in which they complained of the woman praying for sick patients throughout the night, which they say was tantamount to noise pollution.
In the eviction letter in possession of this agency, Chief Kaundu said residents were unhappy because the woman had allegedly been practicing unbecoming behaviours which kept the neighbouring residents awake throughout the night.
The woman, who claimed to have the power to see 'weird' things at night, apparently also established a church at her corrugated iron household, where she offered prayers to those desperate for divine intervention. She allegedly misled some desperate residents into believing that her prayers are so powerful that she could pray for chickens that do not hatch normal and healthy eggs.
She charged them fees for the rituals.
The disgruntled Satotwa residents noted that her church was established without their consent.
The community was also discontent that the elderly woman had double standards - practicing witchcraft and doing spiritual healing. She allegedly used traditional herbs which, the residents claim, could pose health hazards such as sicknesses or diseases.