SBN agrees with union on working conditions

17 Jul 2013 06:00

Standard Bank Namibia today signed a Recognition and Procedural Agreement with the Bank Workers Union of Namibia (BAWON) in Windhoek.
The latest agreement serves is to establish and maintain an orderly collective bargaining relationship between Standard Bank Namibia Limited and its employees, represented by BAWON.
“I am delighted to note that this mutually beneficial agreement brings with it great excitement for Standard Bank Namibia and its employees. I am also positive that the signing will move us forward in partnership with our Union stakeholders. I’m looking forward to a healthy relationship that will be done on mutual trust and respect,” said Standard Bank Namibia’s Chief Executive Mpumzi Pupuma.
The agreement also aims to establish and maintain equitable working conditions, to foster and promote good relations between the Bank and our employees as well as facilitate the effective and equitable settlement of disputes that may arise.  
“With this agreement employees are given the assurance that their interests will be protected and driven by a representative body that will strive to create the best possible conditions whilst recognizing the need for sound labour relations and enhance a relationship of trust with its employer,” added Pupuma.
On his part, BAWON Secretary General Thomas Muchima said the union has strong relations with Standard Bank Namibia.
“Our relations have been very strong and we hope to continue like this in a mutually amicable way because industrial relations must be respected,” said Muchima.
Standard Bank Namibia has recognised BAWON as an exclusive bargaining agent on behalf of our employees since 1994.