Geingob promises to serve all Namibians without exception

21 Mar 2015 15:40pm
WINDHOEK, 21 MAR (NAMPA) – Newly sworn- in President of Namibia Dr Hage Geingob has promised to serve all Namibians without exception.
Geingob made the promise in his acceptance speech during the country's Silver Jubilee Independence celebrations here on Saturday.
“No Namibian must feel left out,” Geingob said, a slogan he carried since the campaigns during the national general elections last year.
Namibia, he said, is 'a child of international solidarity, a friend to all and an enemy to none.'
Geingo thanked all visiting Heads of State and international visitors who came out in large numbers for to showcase solidarity towards Namibia.
He said with independence came expectation about education, health, safety , land, freedom of movement, life and liberty many of which Former president Hifikepunye Pohamba addressed during the last ten years of his reign.
“Many of these expectations were met right away whilst others in their nature remain work in progress,” he stated.
The new Head of State added that the overwhelming mandate given to the ruling party Swapo and its candidate were clear indications of the confidence Namibian citizens have in him and the party.
He further added that after 25 years of independence, Namibians want food, shelter, clothing, love and better housing.
Namibians, he said also want a leader who will act quickly to their needs.
Despite the fact it is a daunting tasks to meet these expectations, Geingob said he has full confidence that working together as 'one people', the nation could rise up to these expectations.
“Fellow Namibians, the main priority for the next administration will be to address the social-economic issues that exist in the country,” the new Head of State promised.
Namibia, he noted, has been successful in implementing sound macroeconomic policies.
The prerequisites for a prosperous nation Geingob said, include
good constitutions, peace and democracy.
“We are however aware that people don’t eat constitutions, peace or democracy.People eat decent food, live under decent shelter and enjoy decent employment,” he said.
Thus his administrations first priority will be to declare all- out war on poverty and concomitant inequality, he noted.
The new government's focal point will be to address inequality, poverty and hunger that will involve looking at a range of policies and interventionist strategies to tackle this issue.
It is for these reasons, Geingob stated, that government has put in place a revised structure that will exist for the next five years.
Geingob says he plans to expand and spread the opportunities for growth and prosperity to be enjoyed by all Namibians in all parts of the country,with a specific focus on the disadvantaged sections of the population.