Magistrates to be be deployed at selected roadblocks

19 Mar 2015 15:30pm

WINDHOEK, 19 MARCH (NAMPA) - Road safety once again took centre stage with the upcoming 25th Independence celebration weekend, and the Easter weekend to follow less than a two weeks thereafter.
As such, role-players like the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA), Namibian Police Force (NamPol) City Police, the Ministry of Works and Transport, Namibia Defence Force, and the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) joined hands to embark on a road safety campaign under the theme 'Live to Celebrate'
Executive Secretary of the NRSC, Eugene Tendekule told a media conference this week in the capital that Africa is not doing well as a continent in terms of road safety.
'For us as Namibians we are saying no. If the rest of Africa is doing badly (on road safety), then there is no reason why we should follow suit' Tendekule said.
Tendekule said as the country prepare for the Independence celebrations and Easter Weekend soon to follow, many Namibians will travel long distances to attend the celebrations and even go and visit friends and family.
This create high traffic volumes on the roads, Tendekule said.
'High traffic volumes put extra strain on the national road network in terms of congestion and the increase of road crashes and related human trauma' the Executive added.
Apart from the normal road safety institutions, the various agencies will carry out operations such as making sure vehicles are not overloaded, speeding or testing drivers for driving under the influence and the exaction of warrants of arrests.
The campaign will also have magistrates present at designated roadblocks.
'Their (the Magistrates) purpose is simple; if you are arrested for speeding as an example, why should you go to jail till the next court date? So it is better for you to be brought in front of a magistrate court, and you can on the spot know what your fate will be - wheather you will go to prison or you will be granted bail' Tendekule said.
It is a costly operation, he added, hence the limited magistrates that will be available.
The campaign started on Thursday 19 March, and will last until April 21.