Namwandi leaves education ministry 'with no regrets'

19 Mar 2015 15:10pm
WINDHOEK, 19 MAR (NAMPA)- Outgoing Minister of Education, Dr. David Namwandi said he is leaving the ministry with a wealth of precious memories and no regrets.
Namwandi made this remarks here on Thursday while bidding farewell to his staff members.
“I also leave with the knowledge that, if a leader is being praised throughout his career then there is something wrong with that leader. Therefore I would like to thank you for the constructive criticism,” he said.
He said during the past five years, his life has been enriched by the skills and qualities of the employees of the ministry's staff.
“I have learned to think bigger and become part of the creative energy here, and I have also come to admire the way in which challenges are dealt with and the innovation solutions to problems found,” he said.
Namwandi recalled that two days after the Independence celebration in 2010, he walked through the doors of the education ministry as minister. This time around, he is leaving the ministry two days before the 2015 Independence celebration.
“The past five years took us on a long and winding road. The route was not always to our liking, but the end of the journey was always crystal clear,” he said.
He stated that in his first address to the staff he called for a positive attitude and the cultivation of a culture of honesty, transparency and hard work.
“What I asked them has never changed, and I ask you to remain at the Ministry with the responsibility to continue preparing for the new world and the ever-changing landscape the Namibian child will have to navigate,” he stated.
He said quality education for every child is no longer just desirable but essential, noting that their main focus must be equipping people for the jobs of tomorrow.
“Now is the time to build on our investment in education so that every Namibian child has the opportunity to make the most of their talent,” he stressed.
Namwandi called on the education staff to instil a sense of patriotism and forge a common national purpose from the values, beliefs, aspirations and ambitions of the Namibian people.