Blue Boys Coach unhappy with NPL coaches

18 Mar 2015 11:40am
TSUMEB, 18 MAR (NAMPA) - Blue Boys coach Wallace Doeseb is unhappy with the apparent lack of commitment showed by the Namibia Premier League (NPL) coaches towards the Namibia Football Association (NFA) players search competition.
The first-of-its-kind tournament to select players for the senior national football team is currently being held in Tsumeb at the Oscar Norich Stadium.
The two days pilot project will see the best 20 players from each of the three first division streams compete with players selected from the Namibia Premier League (NPL).
Doeseb, who is tasked with the job of the Southern Stream First Division (SSFD) team at the tournament told Nampa on Tuesday that initiatives of this magnitude should also be used by coaches at the elite level to scout players for their teams.
'This event should not only be used as an NFA players scout tournament. I am very disappointed with the turn-out of our premier league coaches at this event today. Just look at the stands in the stadium and tell me if you see any coach from the Premier league.
'This guys are supposed to be here to scout players for their teams for next season, but none of them pitched and that shows they don't care with what is going on here, and they don't want to see the young talent from the first division that they can possibly added to their team for next season,' said Doeseb.
Only one NPL coach was noticed in the stands by this reporter - Tsumeb-based out-fit Benfica's coach Bafana Subeb was in the stands enjoying the football.
Despite the disappointment Doeseb nonetheless applauded the NFA for setting up such an initiative that will give a chance to players to be noticed by the national team selectors.
'This is an excellent idea. Ricardo cannot be expected to travel throughout the whole country to select players for the national team and with such an initiative he will now at least have the best players from each stream at his disposal for selection.
'But I think this should be an annual event from now on, and coaches should also be given ample time to select the best players in their divisions to come compete well,' said Doeseb.
National team coach Ricardo Mannetti told this agency that he was happy with the football that was displayed on the opening day and all will now depend on the coaches from the four teams to select their best players that will play each other in the last game of the competition.
'The players are excited and they showed commitment because they all want to make it to the next round and today I saw most of the premier league players are doing things that I have never seen them do in the field of play.
'Most of this players were very good on the ball plus they showed commitment and team spirit that is something I would have not notice if it was not for this tournament,' said Mannetti.
The NFA players search tournament will conclude on Thursday.