Namwandi motivates University of Science and Technology Bill

17 Mar 2015 16:30pm
WINDHOEK, 17 MAR (NAMPA) – Education Minister David Namwandi tabled the University of Science and Technology Bill for consideration and discussion in the National Assembly here on Tuesday.
Namwandi said Cabinet, at its meeting on 12 December 2012 in response to the ministry's submission on the transformation of Polytechnic, issued a number of directives on the reform of higher education in Namibia.
“The above mentioned directives clearly identified the need to institute a paradigm shift for the Polytechnic of Namibia from a technikon into the University of Science and Technology,” he said.
Namwandi explained that the transformation process will be implemented through the promulgation of a new establishing Act, which will repeal the current Polytechnic of Namibia Act no 33 of 1994.
The new legislation, he added, will provide for the institution to function as a University, under a new name namely the University of Science and Technology as well as new governance structures and precise description of its aims and objectives.
The Education minister said the idea of establishing the new institution was informed by the fact that an institutional that integrates university and technikon type programmes would be well placed to contribute to addressing a range of goals, which are central to government's human resource development strategy.
“It is clear however, that the successful introduction of this institution would require careful planning in the development of an appropriate academic and organisational model,” he added.
This, he said, cannot simply be done through the repackaging of existing structures and programmes, hence the need for a new establishing Act.
“It is important to note that the transformation process is not expected to happen overnight as it will take place over a period of years as clearly reflected in Cabinet directives of 2012,” Namwandi indicated.