Uutoni Urges Responsible Keetmanshoop Police

17 Mar 2015 09:40am
KEETMANSHOOP, 17 MAR (NAMPA) – The Deputy Minister of Safety and Security Erastus Uutoni on Monday inaugurated the newly built Keetmanshoop Police Barracks and upgraded Police Fuel Tank.
The barracks consist of 22 rooms, ablution facilities, a kitchen, carport and laundry, while the fuel tank was increased from a capacity of 13 000 litres of fuel to 30 000 litres.
The combined cost for both projects totalled N.dollars 9 505 000.
Uutoni said in the past years, police force members slept in dilapidated structures but that Government is serious about improving the living conditions of its people.
“Not only in the police force but with the mass housing development countrywide,” Uutoni added.
He sternly called for the proper maintenance of the new facilities.
“Be disciplined, keep it neat and tidy at all times. Leave the mentality of ‘it is government property’ – we are all Government,” Uutoni said.
He also urged police force members to work hard, study to upgrade themselves and to refrain from taking bribes and engaging in other corrupt activities.
“Do not allow yourselves to get arrested and to lose your job and the salary you get – it is not worth it. Stop complaining about promotions and the small salaries, and instead make it work for you. If you work hard today, you will see the change in your life tomorrow,” he said.
Similarly, he advised Namibians to stop crying foul over work awarded to foreigners while the nationals are seemingly unwilling to toil.
“Let us stop complaining about the Chinese and initiate projects; the only way is to work hard for a better future for our children, and ourselves” he said.
Uutoni urged the youth of Namibia to get up early in the mornings, to study and to refrain from alcohol and drugs.
“I am informed that the criminal problems faced in //Karas are domestic violence, cannabis, housebreaking and alcohol. These should not be allowed and tolerated here. We have to stop it to become a proud and well-organised community,” Uutoni said.
The ceremony was marked by parades by the Namibian Police Brass Band and a contingent of 130 new police recruits set for deployment in the //Karas Region.