Police worried over increase of unlicensed drivers

16 Mar 2015 15:20pm
KATIMA MULILO, 16 MAR (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police (NamPol) have raised concern over the rapid increase in the number of unlicensed drivers on public and national roads in the Zambezi Region.
Although the figure of unlicensed drivers is yet to be determined, Namibian Police spokesperson in the Zambezi Region, Kisco Sitali told Nampa the rapidly growing trend is largely to blame for the fatalities recorded almost on daily basis in the region.
“We have noticed that a number of vehicles imported from neighbouring Zambia or Botswana, are involved in most accidents recorded in the region. We have established that many of those behind wheels, including the vehicle owners, do not poses driving licenses.” Sitali said.
On Monday, Sitali related that the police concerns follows a latest accident at Luseso area, in which a 40 year old Antwan Matomola lost her life, while her three-year-old daughter sustained minor injuries on Saturday afternoon.
Matomola died in a public transport mini-bus driven by Taddy Walubita, who does not poses a driving license.
According to Sitali, Walubita was allegedly ‘authorised’ to drive the passenger to her destination. The vehicle owner, George Sikopo was also present in the same car.
He sustained serious injuries in the accident and has since been transported to Windhoek for advance medical treatment.
“When the accident occurred, Walubita fled the scene. All three injured passengers, which included its owner, were rendered assistance by a motorist heading in the same direction. It has become a norm for many unlicensed drivers to run away from accident scenes, because they know they have broken the law,” Sitali said.
Sitali further made reference to another accident at Liselo area, where 13 year-old Nicky Nzundamo died when he was run over by a mini-bus driven by Sydney Ngalaule, 21, who allegedly stole the vehicle from his friend.
Ngalaule, who does not poses a valid driving license, further caused serious injuries to 14 year-old Selma Siswaniso, who was in the company of Nzundamo at the time of the accident.
Sitali indicated that Ngalaule is currently out on bail of N.dollar 4000, while Sikopo and Walubita are due to appear in court soon.
The three are facing similar charges from driving without a valid driving licence to reckless and negligent driving.
“We are making it our mission to act harshly against such perpetrators. Many road users are being sent to premature graves by ignorant unlicensed drivers. We need to curb the trend as it is dangerously increasing,” said Sitali.