Two weeks left to submit land tax assessment

16 Mar 2015 13:40pm
WINDHOEK, 16 MAR (NAMPA) – Land owners have two weeks left to submit their land tax assessments to the Ministry of Lands, Resettlement and Rehabilitation, or risk penalties.
Tax evaders could be fined N.dollars 20 000 , five years imprisonment, or both.
Land tax assessments are due for payment on, or before 31 March 2015, while the deadline for submission of exemption application forms is also slated for 31 March 2015.
“Landowners are reminded that failure to furnish the ministry with information that has been requested for purposes of land tax attracts upon conviction a very steep fine of up to N.dollars 20 000, in accordance with the Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act as amended by Act of 19 of 2003, or imprisonment for a period of up to five years, or both.
'If an owner fails to pay any land tax or interest (for late payment) when it is due and payable, the amount owing shall be recovered through court action as provided for under section 21(2) of the land valuation and taxation regulations 2007 of the Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act 1995 (Act No 6 of 1995) as amended or through other mechanisms such as expropriation,” according to a media statement issued by the ministry on Monday.
It warned that those land owners who did not pay up their accounts since 2005, are requested to pay up. The ministry appealed to those landowners who did not furnish the ministry with their postal addresses to collect their land tax assessments from the office of the Valuer General, Division of Rating and Taxation in the ministry, in order to settle their land tax accounts.
The ministry does not receive any payment for land tax, but payments should be done at, or posted to the Receiver of Revenue.
About the exemption to pay land tax by qualifying applicants as stipulated under section 76B (1) of the Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Amendment Act, 2001 for the tax year 2013/2014, the ministry stated that applications forms can be obtained from the office of the Valuer General.
Meanwhile, the Land and Resettlement Minister Alpheus !Naruseb exempted all farmers from paying land tax for the 2012/13 financial year.
Paid-up farmers also received credit on their land tax assessments for the 2013/14 financial year.
!Naruseb said in October last year, the decision cost the government about N.dollars 40 million in land tax revenue for the benefit of the Land Acquisition and Development Fund.
About 7 000 paid-up commercial farmers had breathing space to re-capitalise their farms, following the severe drought experienced last in the year 2013.