Simon vs Meroro fight is a lie: Tobias

16 Jul 2013 09:30
WINDHOEK, 16 JUL (NAMPA) ? The MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing & Fitness Academy has dismissed as a lie the announcement made by a local boxing promoter about the supposed upcoming fight between countrymen Harry ?Onkugo? Simon and Vikapita ?The Beast Master? Meroro.
Anita Tjombe, who is also Simon?s spokesperson, on Monday announced that former world champion Simon will fight current World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Africa Cruiserweight champion Meroro on 07 September this year.
The chairman of the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing & Fitness Academy, Nestor Tobias said in a media statement availed to Nampa on Tuesday that the academy was surprised when Tjombe made the announcement.
?I know that in boxing, the two camps must agree first and sign an agreement before such an announcement can be made. This did not happen, or even began to happen.
It is, therefore, unacceptable for Anita Tjombe, whom I hold in high esteem, to go on national television and announce a fight between the two boxers without consulting and getting the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy?s consent,? charged Tobias.
He further stated that there are rules in boxing which govern the code, and it is a very disciplined sport.
The Namibian promoter, however, acknowledged having received a letter from Tjombe under the banner of Onkugo Promotions, proposing that Simon challenges Meroro in the super-middleweight category.
?We have informed them that Meroro can under no circumstances fight in the super-middleweight or even lightweight categories as he currently fights in the cruiserweight category, which falls around 90.20 kg.
If they want to challenge Meroro, they would have to challenge him under the cruiserweight category so that we can consider their request and negotiate on that basis, but we never heard from them again until I heard the announcement on the news,? he explained.
Tobias said Tjombe has acted in an unprofessional manner, and is ?making a mockery? of boxing in the country.
He furthermore described his boxing academy as professional, and one which will always respect and uphold the rules of boxing, adding that fights are not announced if there is no written agreement between the two camps.
?By doing so, Onkugo Promotions have disrespected not only the MTC Nestor Boxing Academy, but also the Boxing Control Board and boxing fans, because there is no fight until we agree on it,? he said.
Tobias also stated that he does not understand why Tjombe is insisting on a light-heavyweight fight as both boxers never made that limit in years.
?Meroro will never make the light-heavyweight category with a limit of 79,35kg as his working weight is around 100kg right now, and he is always 97kg or 98kg after training. My advice to Anita and Harry is to stop making this fight via the media, and let?s get on the table and iron things out,? he stated.
According to Tobias, his comments should not be viewed as being against Onkugo Promotions, adding that he is only doing the ?honourable? thing by informing the nation, and making sure that his Academy?s name is not being misused through lies.