CORRECTION: Lichtenstein Enduro The Tough One

15 Mar 2015 12:00pm

Vid Clip
WINDHOEK, 15 MARCH (NAMPA) - The second leg of the annual Bank Windhoek Namibia National Enduro Series that took place on the Lichtenstein farm south of Windhoek was clearly one of the toughest according to Henner Rusch, one of Namibia's leading enduro riders.
The route was not easy at all, as riders on both motorcycles and quads in all nine classes had to face rugged riding conditions, varying from single-track paths to rivers and mountainous areas, while the more experienced riders had to face dry riverbeds strewn with rocks and boulders as part of the obstacles they had to overcome.
Rusch once again showed his skills when he finished the three-laps race in a time of 3:01:38 (three hours one minute and thirty eight seconds) followed by Dirkie Baard with a time of 3:30:53.
Rusch was very positive about the race despite the rough and often life-threatening terrain. “It was awesome race and Lichtenstein is for most of the riders the ‘Achilles heel’, and once again this race proved that it is not easy,” Rusch told this reporter after the race.
Rusch's statement on how tough the race was can be verified as only 44 of the 69 entries could finish the race.
No serious injuries were reported with only a few minor scratches and dents in the motorbikes, as several riders can testify after a few good falls. In the end, the race is all about getting yourselves up as fast you can, hopping onto the bike and carrying on.
The next event is scheduled for 16 May in Aranos in the Hardap region.
Bank Windhoek in January this year committed themselves towards sponsoring the sports code for the sixth consecutive year when they handed over cheque to the value of N.Dollar 100 000.00 to the organisers.

The results of this weekend’s race are as follows:

Class 1
1. Ingo Waldschmidt (3:19:00)
2. Pascal Henle (3:22:56)
3. Marcel Henle (3:23:57)

Class 2
1. Henner Rusch (3:01:38)
2. Dirkie Baard (3:30:53)
3. Kai Hennes (3:31:12)

Class 3
1. Dimo Eloff (2:19:28)
2. Gary Rowland (2:36:30)
3. Heiko Bernstein (2:54:01)

Class 4
1. Maike Bochert (2:35:00)
2. Shannan Rowland (2:38:45)
3. Claire Brendel (2:45:37)

Class 5
1. Sven Schneidenberger (3:33:49)
2. Frank Ahlreip (4:09:22)
3. Kai Hohmeier (4:27:42)

Class 7
1. Nickle Visser (03:08:58)
2. Gunna Grassreiner (3:17:37)
3. Gernot Bahr (3:19:44)

Class 8
1. Johan Steyn (2:47:05)
2. Juan Tyren (2:51:49)

Class 10
1. Peter Weber (2:53:38)