Grootfontein Nampol Officers Alleged Love Affairs with Inmates

15 Mar 2015 11:10am
GROOTFONTEIN, 15 MAR (NAMPA) – The Minister of Safety and Security on Friday condemned allegations levelled against women police officers of having love affairs with suspects held at the Grootfontein Police Station.
Immanuel Ngatjizeko was speaking at the inauguration of some upgraded police barracks at Grootfontein that are to accommodate about 50 Namibian Police Force (Nampol) officers and are worth over N.dollars 14 million.
Not beating around the bush, Ngatjizeko openly expressed anger and disappointment saying, “This issue is uncalled for. You took oaths to protect and safeguard this country and its people and properties, now how do you fall in love with a criminal as a police officer? I strongly condemn this. I am waiting for proper actions to be taken against you. This cannot be tolerated.”
The safety and security minister urged the Otjozondjupa Regional leadership of Nampol to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and institute appropriate punishment. Ngatjizeko did not mention any names of the suspected women police officers.
The Otjozondjupa Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Joseph Anghuwo on Saturday told Nampa in an interview that the minister’s concerns are based on a report he had forwarded to the highest authority in Windhoek.
“There is an internal investigation underway on that allegation, and I cannot tell you more. Once it is finalised we will take an action by recommending to the authority on what is supposed to be done to the culprits, if ever the allegation is found to be true,” Anghuwo said.
A source at the Grootfontein Police Station who spoke to Nampa on condition of anonymity on Saturday said, majority of the suspected women police officers apparently hold middle and senior ranks at the station.
He said the suspected women in Nampol uniforms are apparently targeting a particular kind of trial-awaiting suspects.
“We know them. The suspicion has become an open talk here because they are competing against each other. They are targeting those armed robbers in the cells with lots of money in their bank accounts,” said the source.
He furthermore said the suspected women police officers often become angry when their trial-awaiting lover is treated harshly by a man police officer at the same station.
It is alleged that some of the trial-awaiting inmates were even spotted in town on a shopping spree with the suspected women police officers during the middle of 2014 but were brought back into the police holding cells on that same day.
The source said the issue became public at the police station during late 2014 when some of the trial-awaiting suspects were taken out by their alleged lover police officers on duty to their apartments where they were allegedly treated to decent meals.
“That’s how we became suspicious and started to criticise it. We were also in shock when some inmates here started to make ridiculous remarks about the issue,” charged the source.
Internal investigations into allegations of women police officers having affairs with trial-awaiting suspects at the Grootfontein Police Station continue.