Expectant Mothers at Outjo Urged on Timeliness

13 Mar 2015 06:10am
OUTJO, 13 MAR (NAMPA) – The Minister of Health and Social Services on Wednesday expressed concerns with some expectant mothers at Outjo who allegedly come and seek last-minute support in delivering their babies at health facilities in the said town.
Dr Richard Kamwi was speaking at an event that marked the inauguration of the newly built Outjo Primary Health Care Clinic.
The new clinic is situated opposite Outjo District State Hospital.
The health minister expressed concerns with challenges related to maternal and neonatal mortality situations apparently developing in the area of Outjo.
He said these types of health problems are caused by delays in seeking medical care services and/or lack of antenatal care services.
“I wish to reiterate that from now on, all pregnant women here must attend antenatal care services, have their babies delivered safely at this facility, and continue to attend postnatal care services,” he said.
Kamwi was also not pleased with some Outjo community members facing default challenges with their Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) and Tuberculosis (TB) treatment.
He urged patients on ART and TB treatment in and around Outjo to adhere to treatment protocols.
He said failure to do will develop a situation of drug resistance in patients and complicate their wellbeing.
Kamwi called upon family members, guardians, partners and caretakers to encourage patients on ART and TB treatment to come to the clinics, collect their medications and take them as prescribed by health and social services workers.
Kamwi also cautioned health workers at Outjo to demonstrate their professionalism at all times.
The minister said government intends to work with community members in promoting good health, preventing diseases and create health awareness in the societies.
On his part, the Kunene Regional Governor, Joshua //Hoebeb urged community members to seriously take care of their health and keep the newly built Outjo Primary Health Care Clinic clean.
The new clinic together with doctors’ houses were funded by the ministry at a cost of approximately N.dollars 20 million.
Outjo Constituency Regional Councillor, Abraham Job and Mayor Kleophas Geingob also attended the inauguration here.