Choi Camp residents thank Government

12 Mar 2015 13:20pm
KONGOLA, 12 MAR (NAMPA) – An estimated 700 people living at the newly inaugurated Choi Camp in the Kongola Constituency have appealed to Government to assist them with infrastructure such as solar water pumping systems and electricity.
This plea was made by James Likezo Mapulanga during a ceremony held last week Sunday to thank Government for permanently relocating them in 2011 to higher ground in the Sikwekwe Village, now renamed Choi Camp.
The community was relocated from the Kwando floodplains where they suffered annual ravaging floods at the area. The 216 households were assisted with 21 roof zinc sheets and poles to build mud houses.
Mapulanga, a senior headman in the Choi Sub-Khuta which falls under the Mashi Traditional Authority, said the population of the camp has grown, resulting in the current infrastructure not being able to serve the large community.
“The community of this village accepted to permanently stay on this land. Due to expansion of families, you can now find many villages around Choi which all originated from Sikwekwe.
We thank Government for bringing us here, but we are now in shortage of other things such as pit latrines, doors and mud to build more houses. We need solar panels for water systems to pump enough water for domestic use, as the current ones can no longer adequately supply enough water for the community,” he said.
Mapulanga said the people also need 56 rural pit latrines, solar panels for each household, building materials, and to be connected to the rural electrification grid.
Kongola Constituency Councillor, David Muluti, who was invited to attend the ceremony, said he will address the community’s request for infrastructure assistance to the relevant offices, including the Office of the Prime Minister.
He also used the platform to thank the community for not returning to the flood-prone areas, as the exercise of annually relocating flood victims has proved costly for Government.
Muluti added that Choi Camp will continue to be assisted with drought relief food, but the community must also strive to work hard to provide for themselves.
“The government has an obligation of assisting communities with food and building materials. Some people do not see what Government is doing for them. However, I am happy that the people of Sikwekwe have realized what Government is doing for them, hence I am also grateful that you are thanking the same Government for bringing you here with much-needed assistance,” he said.