Khoikhoi found guilty for killing pregnant girlfriend

10 Mar 2015 15:10pm
WINDHOEK, 10 MAR (NAMPA) - A man who stands accused of stabbing to death his pregnant girlfriend in March 2013 in the Omaheke Region, was found guilty as charged in the High Court here on Tuesday.
Jacob Khoikhoi was found guilty of murdering Anna Sellie Pana by stabbing her to death with a knife at Farm Sommerkoms in that region on 09 March 2013.
High Court Judge Christi Liebenberg passed the judgement on Tuesday morning, saying the 27-year-old Khoikhoi intended to kill Pana.
“The evidence provided by the various State witnesses are true and credible. The accused person's version that he acted in self-defence when he stabbed his deceased girlfriend cannot be possibly true and this evidence is, therefore, rejected by this court. In the result, I am satisfied that the State has proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt that when Jacob Khoikhoi stabbed the deceased person, he acted with direct intent to kill,” said the judge.
The charge was dealt with under the provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act (Act Number Four) of 2003 which warrants a stiff and long custodial punishment in case of conviction.
On 19 February 2015, Khoikhoi was dealt a heavy blow when his confessions and other related self-incriminating statements were ruled admissible before court and were thus used against him in his trial.
He pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder at the start of his trial earlier this year.
Evidence presented during trial have it that State witness Maria Rooinasie and other people saw Khoikhoi chasing his girlfriend with a knife in his hand at the resettlement farm where all of them were living.
The 20-year-old Pana did not have a knife in her possession, the court heard.
She died after Khoikhoi stabbed her at least three times on the body with a knife.
Pana had suffered severe blood loss and died of cardiac arrest.
She was about 10 to 12 weeks pregnant at the time of her death.
Khokhoi is a first offender with no record of previous criminal offence.
He is an unmarried father of two minor children.
Khoikhoi returns to the Windhoek High Court on Friday this week for the passing of the sentence.
In his evidence of mitigation of sentence, Khoikhoi's Government-funded defence lawyer, Mbanga Siyomuinji pleaded with the court to show some kind of mercy to his client and to impose a punishment of less than 25 years imprisonment.
On her part, State Advocate Ethel Ndlovu asked the court to impose a sentence of 35 years imprisonment.
The accused was remanded in police custody at the Windhoek Correctional Facility (formerly-the Windhoek Central Prison).