CORRECTION: Kamwi condemns tobacco project

10 Mar 2015 11:30am
CORRECTION - CHANGE N.dollars 1 million TO N.dollars 1 billion IN SECOND PARA

ONAMUTAI, 10 MAR (NAMPA) – Health Minister Richard Kamwi says the Namibian health sector will not support a tobacco plantation that is reportedly going to be established in the Zambezi Region.
He said this at the Onamutai village in the Oshana Region while officially inaugurating a modern Primary Health Care Clinic at that village on Monday.
Reports have it that a N.dollars 1 billion Chinese tobacco and maize project has been given the go-ahead on a 10 000-hectare plot in the Zambezi Region.
“Tobacco is detrimental to our health. Therefore, it has no support of the health sector at this time while I am the Minister of Health,” Kamwi told his audience.
The outgoing Namibian Minister of Health and Social Services stressed that the tobacco industry is never in the interest of the health of the people, adding that those who are involved in a tobacco project are doing so for the interest of money.
He explained that tobacco smoking is a cause of cancer of the lungs and the oesophagus.
Kamwi stated that it is unfortunate that Namibians are to be introduced to a tobacco project after the Health and Social Services Ministry has enacted a new Tobacco Bill just a year ago.
The new law prohibits tobacco smoking in public places.
“Officials from my ministry are in the regions educating the nation against tobacco smoking as per the new bill and regulations,” the minister charged.
He then urged the regional leadership to make sure that no smoking at public places is tolerated.