"We are miles away from being professional": Kanalelo

05 Mar 2015 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 05 MAR (NAMPA) – The Namibia Premier League (NPL) is miles away from being professional or semi-professional with the way things are run at the moment, says Black Africa Football Club coach Ronnie Kanalelo.
“We are 20 or 30 years behind the ‘football world’. We should stop focusing on what people did in the 70s, 80s, and 90s when players ran 7 to 10 kilometres. Today's footballer spends more time on the ball instead of running around,” said Kanalelo during a media briefing here on Wednesday.
He also frowned upon the current set-up of double games for teams in the current 2014/15 NPL season, saying it hampers players’ performance.
The coach added that this decision of double games taken by the league administrators for financial reasons does not make sense at all.
“Like they say, you have to be a footballer in order to think like a footballer,” stated Kanalelo.
“All the time I see teams coming to camp at the Jan Mohr Secondary School sports facilities, which we use as changing rooms while training. How financially wise is this when you have players who are not well looked after and sleeping in classrooms? At the end of the day their performance on the field is bad and you end up losing all your games,” he stated.
The coach said if Namibia is to have a professional league then teams should learn not to compromise on the quality of football being displayed on the field.
“I am not a great believer in the rotation system; I always pick my best side to start the game. Looking at things at the moment in our league, teams are forced to rotate their players once a weekend and it is difficult to display good football without compromising the quality,” he said.
In the short run this is fine but it will never develop football in the long run, said Kanalelo, adding that they cannot blame anyone for the wrong decision made.
“It needs to change next season to also allow football fans to come in large numbers without having to decide on which game to watch and which one to skip over the same weekend.