ELCIN holds mass prayers for rain

04 Mar 2015 15:40pm
RUNDU, 04 MAR (NAMPA)- The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) in the Kavango East and West regions as well as the Zambezi Region is hosting mass prayer sessions to ask for rain which could save people and crops from hunger and drying up.
Most inhabitants of the three regions are bracing themselves for severe starvation due to poor rainfall this season.
The first mass prayer was held on 01 March in all ELCIN churches and synagogues in those regions, and a second prayer will be held this Sunday.
ELCIN head in the two Kavango regions, Pastor Lukas Muha requested on the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation’s Rukavango Radio call-in programme on Tuesday that people should not conduct any farming activities on Sunday but bow down and 'ask the almighty God to give some rain'.
“God might listen to our cries and bring rain if we ask,” he said, adding that prayers are emergency measures aimed at seeking divine intervention from God.
Muha said rain is a source of life and the lack thereof has resulted in most crops withering away, a situation that is threatening people’s lives. According to him, this is not the first time that the church pray for rain as similar prayers were held in the northern regions in the past.
Most subsistence farmers in the three north-eastern regions had already stopped ploughing due to a lack of rain and as such, inhabitants have been warned to brace themselves for severe starvation.
Leader of the Mbunza Traditional Authority, Chief Alfons Kaundu earlier this month hinted that lives could be lost this year due to drought.
He based his prediction on the fact that the traditional wild fruit known in Rukavango as ‘Nonsimba’ has grown in abundance in the Kavango West and East regions - 'a clear indication that there will be severe drought and subsequent hunger this year'.
The chief said Government’s seed distribution programme to subsistence farmers will also not have any impact due to the lack of rain, and thus called on the central government to be prepared to roll out its drought-relief programme in a timely manner to remedy the situation.
Meanwhile, the ELCIN also initiated prayers in blessing the incoming government to be headed by incumbent Prime Minister Hage Geingob.
He will be sworn-in as the country’s third democratically-elected president on 21 March 2015, together with the new parliamentarians.