More referees needed in Namibian football

04 Mar 2015 11:20am
WINDHOEK, 04 MAR (NAMPA) – More referees are needed in the Namibian football leagues to ease the pressure on current referees who are greatly overworked.
This will allow the affairs of the different leagues to run smoothly, according to Namibia Football Association (NFA) referee coordinator.
Speaking to Nampa on Monday, Absalom #Goseb said that with a limited number of officials in their books, the body responsible for referees at the NFA always faces a problem in allocating referees to matches.
There are three official football divisions in Namibia: the elite league (Namibia Premier League), the First-Division and the Second-Division. There is also a non-league division where players from different neighbourhoods compete amongst each other at friendly or developmental tournaments.
“We have 16 Premier League teams and then three first-division streams, each having 12 teams and we also have 14 second-division teams in each of the 14 Namibian regions. Now imagine if we have games at the weekends throughout all the divisions while we don't have enough officials in our books,” noted #Goseb.
“Most of the time we are overworking our officials during the weekends as these guys go to the football field in the morning to officiate all the second-division games and then after that, they still wait to officiate first-division or premier league games. When the big games kick off these persons are extremely tired from all the work they did earlier in the day and spectators don't understand that when mistakes are made by that individual, it’s because they are mostly overworked,” he explained.
#Goseb therefore called on football club owners to provide the NFA with the names individuals who they think are capable of being trained as referees.
“As a referring body we have problems recruiting people because they all know there is no money in being a referee in Namibia. So, it will be wise if club owners started mobilising and recommending people to take up referring as part of their job or hobby. If we had enough officials at our disposal we might cut down on all these complaints we receive from coaches about referees being week or not pitching up at games on time,” stated #Goseb.
He also added that the NFA is currently working on a strategy to open offices in the regions where match officials will get training on a monthly basis.