Ueitele raps civil servants over weak service delivery

03 Mar 2015 17:40pm
GOBABIS, 03 MAR (NAMPA) – Omaheke Regional Governor, Festus Ueitele has slammed civil servants for poor service delivery in the region.
Addressing regional heads of Government ministries, State-owned entities and parastatals here on Thursday, Ueitele said the dismal performance of these structures has led to deteriorating public service in the region.
He said the majority of Omaheke’s poor are often left unattended to as products and services aimed at improving their living conditions do not often find them.
A fuming Ueitele said his office will no longer accept administration challenges as excuses for non-delivery of service to the region’s needy.
“I am tired of hearing excuses that there is no car or that the car does not have fuel. We need to serve the community even with the little we have. If there is no car or fuel, then be prepared to start jogging to your next service point or stand by the road and hitch a hike,” he said.
Ueitele said civil servants often disregard ordinary members of the public when they call on their offices for assistance, but would “jump at the mere sight of a so-called VIP requesting for assistance”.
He said such attitude is tantamount to sabotage of Government programmes, as officials are put in such positions to serve all Namibians without favour or discrimination.
The governor urged the regional managers to also do away with intentionally delaying Government programmes by not putting workshop and meetings’ resolutions into practice.
“People here like talking and the meetings sounds good, but when we return to our offices it is the same story of weak service delivery all over again. This will stop today,” he stressed.
Ueitele noted that the provision of quality education and health services remain a challenge, while unemployment continues to rise in the region.
Omaheke is ranked amongst the country’s poorest regions, with one of the lowest literacy rates in the country.