16 Jul 2013 07:54

The project is expected to generate a monthly income around RM10,000 for the participating Felda settlers with a payback period of seven years.

Jerantut and Jengka have been identified as among the potential locations for the project which at full production capacity, the farm can produce up to 30 metric tonnes of caviar per year with a potential revenue of nearly RM100 million.

The 20-acre sturgeon farming complex will also house an exhibition area, aquariums and a research and development centre which is poised to be a tourism attraction in ECER.

Construction of the sturgeon farming complex will commence next year and is expected to be ready between 18 and 24 months.

Meanwhile, Tropical Consolidated Corporation is investing RM50 million to establish a canned and frozen foodstuff factory at the Tok Bali Integrated Fisheries Park in Kelantan, which is being developed by the ECER Development Council.