Domestic Workers' Union convenes in capital

01 Mar 2015 07:10am
WINDHOEK, 28 FEB (NAMPA)- The Namibia Domestic and Allied Workers Union (NDAWU) is holding its third national congress to elect a new leadership structure for the next five years.
The congress, which commenced in the capital on Friday, is held under the theme: “Exploited, undervalued but essential; Domestic work involves life and it's about life.”
The congress will ends Sunday, 29 February 2015.
Addressing the domestic workers who came from various parts of the country, the Acting President of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) Connie Pandeni said the new leadership, once elected, must ensure that efforts of the Ministry of Labour of introducing of a minimum wage are not in vain.
According to Pandeni, the new leadership must be persons with skills to lead the organisation, be hardworking and visionary and be good communicators, as they will be required to represent members and negotiate on their behalf.
She noted that such leaders must be conversant in the official and other local languages, be ready to sacrifice for the betterment of the domestic workers’ livelihood and better working conditions, and must ensure the total implementation of the minimum wage and beyond.
The purpose of the congress is to evaluate, strategise, plan a way forward for NDAWU as a union and to elect leaders to steer NDAWU in the new era of a minimum wage.
Positions that are up for elections include that of President, Deputy President, National Secretary, Deputy National Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, General Secretary (GS) and Deputy GS.
The NUNW Acting President also called on the congress to review the current constitution of NDAWU and effect new amendments if need be, as well as take concrete resolutions that must serve as guiding principles for the new leadership to implement in taking the union forward.
“Therefore, dear delegates, you are entrusted by your fellow workers you left behind to represent them and take decisions on their behalf that will positively impact on their livelihood and that of their families,” she stressed.
According to her, for the past ten years, NDAWU had been placed under the Namibia Farm Workers Union (NAFWU) and their complicated working environment made it very difficult for NAFWU with its own precarious working environments to attend to both sectors' challenges.
She added that a decision was taken to revive NDAWU to be on its own and be run independently, as it used to be.
She added that an interim committee was put together that worked very hard to recruit new members all over the country so that NDAWU could have the congress to among other activities elect its own leadership to lead the union forward.