Army and Airforce Technical Training Centres open at Grootfontei

01 Mar 2015 07:00am
GROOTFONTEIN, 28 FEB (NAMPA) – The Minister of Defence, Nahas Angula, on Friday officially inaugurated a newly built Army Technical Training Centre at Grootfontein Military Base in the Otjozondjupa Region.
The occasion coincided with the handing over of another newly completed Technical Training Centre for the Namibian Air Force at the same military base.
Symbolically receiving the Air Force’s Technical Training Centre on behalf of Government from the General Manager of the Namibian Aviation Training Academy (NATA), Bethuel Mujetenga, Angula expressed gratitude to witness Namibia owning its own Air Force technical training school, and a professional technical and mechanical training centre for the Army.
“Today is a remarkable day, especially for the Air Force and Army, because we have the opportunity here to witness an event related to technical training in the Namibian Defence Force,” he said.
The minister said the two events were a clear testimony that the Namibian Defence Force’s Army and Air Force services are busy to invest resources in technical training activities.
Angula said the two technical training centres will make it possible for majority young Namibians to become technicians and mechanics of warfare machineries and military equipment, straight from the Grootfontein military base.
He assured the military personnel here to expect much of the needed resources from government in order to make the centres a success.
The minister also thanked a team of German military experts and Namibian Aviation Training Academy (NATA) members who are assisting the force to fully have its own technical military training centres of high international standards.
Angula also symbolically handed over the same Air Force Technical Training Centre upon receipt to the Chief of the Namibian Defence Force, Lieutenant-General John Mutwa at the same occasion.
On his part, the Army Commander, Major-General Tomas Hamunyela said the establishment of this Army technical training centre started in 2011.
He said the centre is aimed at offering courses in the mechanics and electrical configurations of armaments – military weapons and equipment - to soldiers in the force in order to make them knowledgeable in assembling and repairing broken machines and equipment.
The Defence Deputy Minister, Petrus Iilonga and Air Force Commander, Air Vice-Marshall Martin Pinehas also attended the event.