Windhoek excluded from Friday's mass land action

28 Feb 2015 11:30am
WINDHOEK, 28 FEB (NAMPA) - Confusion reigned in Windhoek as hundreds of landless Namibians flocked to the Windhoek Municipality Town House on Friday morning to take part in the nationwide land mass action.
When Nampa arrived at the municipality shortly before 10h00, a small group of residents had gathered inside the building trying to get clarity from municipal officials regarding the process.
The group comprising of men and women were addressed by a certain Donovan Carew from the town council who informed them that the submission of land applications on Friday 27 February 2015 was not applicable in Windhoek and only in towns and villages outside Windhoek.
Upon information that the application process was not earmarked for Windhoek, as landless people here already registered during November 2014, when 14 059 applications were submitted to the City of Windhoek (CoW), the group left the building and gathered outside waiting for their fellow landless countrymen and women.
Upon enquiring from the CoW if the people would be allowed to register as the Land Mass Action (LMA) already took place during November 2014, this reporter was handed a letter by the CoW Communications Officer, Lydia Amutenya stating the Land Mass Action (LMA) for Windhoek was concluded 21 November 2014.
The letter from the office of Land Activists - Affirmative Repositioning signed by former Swapo-Party Youth League Leader Job Amupanda addressed to the Association of Local Authorities of Namibia (ALAN) dated 29 January 2015, called on ALAN for assistance in the processing of the applications.
Amupanda made it clear in the letter but it was seemingly not well communicated among the landless, that all applicants, except in Windhoek, be assisted by ALAN.
The exclusion of Windhoek, according to the letter, is due to that residents of the city already concluded their mass land application programme during November last year.
Nampa spoke to Amupanda on the confusion in Windhoek as many residents who pitched up had no idea what to do or where to hand in the application documents that were handed out to them this morning.
“There is a bit of confusion, but we are working on how to sort it out”, Amupanda said during the short telephonic interview from Okahnadja on how the situation will be solved in Windhoek.
The letter, of which Nampa has a copy, makes it very clear that land applications is solely for housing only, and that the youths will be expecting answers before or on July 31.
The letter does not say what actions will be taken by this group if the deadlines are not met.