Ongwediva registers 2 230 land-demanding youth

28 Feb 2015 11:20am
ONGWEDIVA, 28 FEB (NAMPA) – More than 2 000 youths turned up at the Ongwediva Town Council offices in the Oshana Region on Friday to register their demand for land under the countrywide “Affirmative Repositioning' movement.
The Affirmative Repositioning movement’s mass land applications action is headed by the suspended Swapo-Party Youth League leader, Job Amupanda, with coordinators appointed for each town.
Coordinator for the Ongwediva mass-land-action group, Peter Tuhafeni revealed to Nampa that 2,230 young people had submitted their applications for land at the Ongwediva Town Council by Friday afternoon.
“I am happy people turned up in such a big number, and they started gathering in front of the offices of the Ongwediva Town Council as from 09h00 already,” stated Tuhafeni who presented the applications of the Ongwediva group of mass land applicants to the council’s representative.
Ongwediva Town Council’s spokesperson, Andreas Utoni collected the mass-land-action applications without promising anything.
A member of the Management Committee of the Ongwediva Town Council, Malakia Petrus told Nampa that the mass-land action applications received on Friday will be added to the waiting list of persons who had already applied for land at Ongwediva Town Council.
Petrus pointed out that the most recent additions of land applications under the Affirmative Repositioning movement to council’s waiting list will not be regarded as a priority in the allocation of land at the town.
“We will always consider the first people on the list, for instance those who applied for land in 2010, when serviced land become available,” Petrus explained.
Unlike the Ongwediva group, land-demanding youth at Oshakati were not that well organised as they handed in their applications one-by-one or in a group of two or four people.
Spokesperson of the Oshakati Town Council, Jackson Muma informed this news agency that a total of 1,723 young people had handed in their application for land at the town by of Friday evening.