MoE receives funds and pens for rural schools

27 Feb 2015 07:30am
WINDHOEK, 27 FEB (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Education (MoE) has received N.dollars 10 740 and 50 000 BIC pens from CIC (Pty) Ltd, the official distributor of BIC Namibia.
The handover ceremony took place at the A.I Steenkamp Primary School in the capital on Thursday.
Receiving the donations on behalf of the ministry, the Khomas Region Director of Education, Gerard Vries said he is happy that BIC and the CIC is supporting the ministry’s quest in providing quality education by donating the valuable learning tools.
He said it is admirable to make a difference in the life of the Namibian child by creating a better teaching, learning and support environment, adding the donations from BIC and CIC will go a long way in improving learning in schools.
Vries explained that in a schooling environment, a pen is a very important tool and without it, a learner or a teacher cannot take down notes, complete a test or subject summaries.
Vries said that the donations will be distributed to 16 schools across the country that was nominated through the respective Directorates of Education. These schools are disadvantaged and in rural areas.
Representing CIC, Division Sales Manager Ian Stander said the stationary giant BIC has launched an international campaign titled ‘CHOOSE BIC AND CHANGE A FUTURE’, to make a significant impact on the lives of thousands of Namibian learners and consumers.
“Selective BIC products carry a BUY ME AND BIC WILL DONATE 1 PEN sticker, for every pack sold in the retail stores, we commit to donating a pen to disadvantage child,” Stander said.
He said that as a market leader of writing instruments, BIC is a well positioned company that can effectively encourage Namibian shoppers to help children who needed good education the most.
Stander said that the ability to read and write is essential to ensure success at school, tertiary studies or later career advancements.
“The delivery of pens to the schools will be facilitated by the MoE, and will be delivered as soon as possible to ensure that this important learning tool, that is the pens, reach learners soon enough,” Vries said.
He said to the learners that they are the core of the education system, as everything they do is for them adding that the ministry will endeavour to provide the learners with every opportunity for success.