Kameeta shuns land-grab

21 Feb 2015 11:30am
OSHAKATI, 21 FEB (NAMPA) – Bishop Zephania Kameeta does not support the land-grabbing being advocated by some members of the Namibian society, saying proper measures should be used in land allocation.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN) Bishop said this on Thursday at Oshakati on the occasion of the commemoration of the 19 February 1988 Oshakati Barclays Bank bomb blast which killed some 30 clients and employees of the bank.
Kameeta, who was the main speaker of the commemoration, said he had taken note of the need for each Namibian to be provided with a piece of land to live on, but stressed that land-grabbing will disturb peace.
Suspended Swapo-Party youth leader, Job Amupanda heads a youth group which attempted to occupy land in Windhoek without the blessing of the City Council.
Amupanda and others branded their move as “Affirmative Reposition” after they allocated themselves a piece of land in Windhoek’s Kleine Kuppe suburb last November.
Many people viewed their action as land-grab.
“I firmly believe that indeed we can totally achieve to make Namibia the land of peace where no one will feel insecure or fear for his/her life,” Kameeta stated.
He went on to say that in unity and by being proud citizens, Namibians will maintain the stability they have been enjoying to this day.
In unity, peace and stability, Kameeta said, people of Namibia will be able to eradicate poverty and no one will be left behind or pushed aside the road of development towards prosperity for all.
“We will pursue our goals of social and economic development with resolve and determination as our way of honouring and indeed remembering those who sacrificed their lives during the struggle and did not live to see an independent Namibia,' he said.